My career

All throughout her 20 years’ experience in interior design projects aimed at improving the life quality of very different generations, styles and orders, Tata Velarde (Interior Designer ABM - Asociación Biblioteca de Mujeres, 1995), has forged her own vision of the profession.

Throughout her career, Tata has been developing an extremely personal working methodology with which she has obtained amazing results. Firstly, is all about listening: every person needs to be surrounded by different ways in order to display their ideal daily life. Understanding her clients’ likes is a skill that she has masterly sharpened. Empathy is essential: a sixth sense, although her job includes–and favors– the other five. This is the second instance: a moment of silence and inspiration which leads to the discovery of the project’s unifying thread and to the design of a palette of colors, textures, sounds, perfumes, enabling to savor the space we have dreamt of.

Tata Velarde conceives the discipline in which she moves as a way to provide happiness by creating a perfect and tailor-made environment. Her eclectic stamp, passionate for the contemporaneous world and at the same with glimpses to the past, in a style that meets audacity and vitality, happiness and durability, includes the rigorous study of illumination and an invitation to contribute with works of art which are incomparable partners when decorating a space.

Traveler, restless, perfectionist, permanently updated in what concerns trends, materials, shapes and, above all, committed to the constant search of personal growth, Tata has understood that change starts from the inside. Vivid, joyful and very respectful of the dwellers’ personality, her work is a reflection of this philosophy of life.